Current Wyoming Statute assigns various annual review and reporting requirements to the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC). These reports are prepared for state agencies, the governor, and the legislature.

The following section contains various reports produced by the WCCC during the last three years. Older versions of many reports are available upon request. If you would like an older version of any of these reports, please contact the WCCC Policy Analyst at (307) 777-7226.

In accordance with W.S. 28-1-115©, the WCCC prepares an annual report providing details of the efforts made during the year towards the goals and objectives included in the agency’s strategic plan. Prior to 2014, the annual report was written relative to the goals and objectives contained in the community college system-wide strategic plan.  During 2014, the agency took on the task of developing an agency specific strategic plan, one that contains goals and objectives to be carried out by agency staff rather than community college staff, giving the agency ownership of its own performance.  Prior year annual reports written relative to the system-wide strategic plan are still available on this page, but current performance of the system-wide metrics are available on the “Performance Indicator Report” located below.


2015 Agency Annual Report

2014 Agency Annual Report 

2013 System-Wide Annual Report